Fond moments are created every day and life can change in an instant.
Today is the day you create a family tradition,
open the lines of communication,
keep handwriting your thoughts and write a letter to someone special.
Take the time to reflect on your life,
if you have loved ones; think about what makes them special today,
if you have children; think about your proud moments and
if you have a friend you just want to share a thought with;
take the time to reflect and write it down.
THE LETTER is a great way to share your love and appreciation
through a written letter to that someone special.
When I saw THE LETTER I thought, WOW! what a beautifully presented
and colourful way to write a letter and create a keepsake.
As a school principal I thought is would be a wonderful idea the parents of my first year students to write a letter at the beginning of their school years and present to them at graduation of their final year of school.
On a parents and students get together at school parents
were invited to write a letter to their son or daughter.
The result was amazing, the parents were in tears thinking about the beautiful gesture from the school and the staff, something I hadn't anticipated, 
but a wonderful reaction. 
Principal Primary School