Fond moments are created every day and life can change in an instant.
Today is the day you create a family tradition,
open the lines of communication,
keep handwriting your thoughts and write a letter to someone special.
Take the time to reflect on your life,
if you have loved ones; think about what makes them special today,
if you have children; think about your proud moments and
if you have a friend you just want to share a thought with;
take the time to reflect and write it down.
THE LETTER is a great way to share your love and appreciation
through a written letter to that someone special.
I was invited to a special evening at school with my husband and daughter. During the evening we received THE LETTER, an opportunity to write a letter to our daughter who had just started primary school.
A reflection on her life today focusing on how proud we are of her.
The Letter would be kept and presented to her upon her grade six graduation.
WOW!, it brought tears to our eyes.
What a wonderful gesture from her teacher and the school.