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ANECDOTE PARENT PROGRAM is a twelve-month online journaling program incorporating a weekly email comprising 10 questions.

Anecdote is suitable for all ages. Anecdote takes 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

Each week your ten questions offer an opportunity to reflect on what you have been up to, what has challenged you, what is happening in the world and anything else that is on your mind, This can include hobbies, teams, interests, music, dance, family, partner, friends etc.

Each week you will asked questions about your life, to capture you in the now. An example of these questions include: Who do you live with?, Share a funny joke you know?, What three things are you grateful for?, Finish this sentence 'if I could, I would ...'

The Parent Program includes three questions per week structured toward your immediate family, your family activities and your extended family.

Anecdote focuses on building positive character strengths with questions structured to reflect and inspire you to think about your life.

At the end of your twelve-month journey you will receive an E-Book of your year. A wonderful keepsake of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences and your everyday in the 21st century. 



Cover Page - All Anecdote E-Books include a cover page. Be sure to review choose your FREE Cover or if you would like to personalise your cover consider upgrading to one of the many options. Please include your 'Cover' choice before checkout.

Photos - To create a visual journey of your year, Anecdote encourages you to include three photos each month to capture your journey. If you would like to include photos, please include 'Photo Insert' before checkout. 

Printing - A printed copy of your 12-month journey is a great keepsake. Anecdote offer a stunning colour copy bound in an A4 hardcover book. Each hardcover presentation includes your name printed in gold or silver on the front cover. If you would like to include printing, please include 'Printing Insert' before checkout. 


Promotional Offers - if you are ordering three or more per family a discount offer on each Anecdote program is available. Please contact the office ( for your discount code.